North American Hockey Association Rulebook

Contact Information

NAHA Commissioner:

Shayne -

NAHA Website link: [link]

NAHA Discord link:


NAHA Forum link: [link]

Disclaimer: Any rules outlined in the rulebook below are subject to change. If malpractice is suspected, the commissioner reserves the right to veto any actions, and if such situations do occur, the commissioner’s decision(s) will overrule this rulebook. A commisioners ruling can be vetoed if all League GMs agree. If the commisioner has a team they cannot participate in a veto vote.

1a. General Manager Expectations:

General Managers(GM's) will play within the confines set by the league, and with an intent to play fair. All GM's are expected to be active throughout the season and attempt to participate in league activities (i.e. drafts, free agency, activity checks, etc.).


GM’s will attempt to notify the league of any prolonged absences. This can be done by announcing it on the forum, discord, or by e-mailing or private messaging the Commissioner.

1c. GM Conduct:

All GM’s are expected to treat fellow managers and league representatives with respect and courtesy. NAHA league representatives will be held to the same standard when interacting with managers. If any manager feels that he has been treated unfairly or disrespectfully, they are strongly encouraged to bring it to the Commissioner’s attention.

2. Commissioner:

The Commissioner of the NAHA is Shayne.

If you wish to file a complaint about something going on in the league, please email if it is sensitive in nature. If it is not sensitive it is ok to email, post on the forum or in discord. I

3. STHS Info:

NAHA uses the STHS Simulator created by Simon T ( The league may change versions at any time. The current version is V3 and the Sim Version is . General Managers will be notified by the Commissioner if an update occurs.

4. Roster Requirements:

Teams must have a minimum of 40 players and can have a maximum of 50 players signed to contracts on their roster spread out between the pro and farm teams. Out of thoseplayers,4 must be goaltenders, 24 must be forwards and 12 must be defensemen.

Pro Teams may have a maximum of 23 active non-injured players (2 must be goaltenders) on the roster at any time during the regular season and playoffs. Only 20 players can be dressed per game, the rest will be scratched. The same rules apply for farm teams. This rule is suspended during the off-season.

Rosters must reach the minimum number of players prior to the first day of the season. If teams are not compliant with the roster minimums, players will be added to the rosters. Players that are sitting on the offending team’s prospect list and have a player rating will be added first, and if more players are required UFA’s will be signed to that team at a 1-year deal at the minimum salary.

All general managers are responsible for ensuring that their rosters meet the above criteria.

5. Submitting Lines:

There is no requirement or minimum amount of times you need to submit your lines. There are two ways to edit lines

a) Use the STHS Client that is available for download at the “Help” option on the NAHA menu bar or The Client is not easily compatible on Mac computers). The file outputted can be sent to the using the “Upload Lines” option in the Main menu option.

b) You may use the online lines editor available here: New Roman";color:#1155CC;mso-fareast-language:EN-CA'> New Roman";color:black;mso-fareast-language:EN-CA'> [link]

If you are having any trouble with submitting your lines, please reach out to the and they will do their best to help you out.

6. Rerates:

Players will be subject to rerates every season. Rerates are based on their NAHA performance and their potential. potential stat effectsboth a player’s rerates AND the chances of retirement. A potential translates to a range of what a player can go up or down by as follows:


Stat Change

PO High

PO Low















































The way this system is set up means that no more random drops and a predictable player peak. Most top prospects will have a PO in the high 70s or low 80s. How does a player rerate on stats? As follows:

For Skaters:

CK (Checking) - Will be random number between -1 and +1 until a player reaches 32 then it gets tied to the potential (IE if player has a 28 potential, a random value between -4and -2 will be chosen)

FG (Fighting) - Will be random number between -1 and +1 until a player reaches 32, then it gets tie to the potential rating.

DI (Discipline) -Will be a random number between -1 and +1.

SK (Skating) - Will go up or down by the opposite of PA and SC combined. (IE if a player gets +3rerate on PA and +3 rerate on it will go down by-6. Conversely, if a player gets -3 rerate on PA and -3 rerate on SC, there SK will go up by +6.

ST (Strength) - Will go up or down by -1 to +1 until a player reaches 32, then it gets tied to the potential rating.

EN (Endurance) - Will go up or down by -1 to +1 until a player reaches 32, then it gets tied to the potential rating.

DU (Durability) -Will go up or down by -1 to +1 until a player reaches 32, then it gets tied to the potential rating.

PH (Puck Handling) -Will be random number based on a PO (if a player has a PO of 82, it will be a random number between 3 and 5).

FO (Faceoffs) -Formula - DF + PA divide by 2.

PA (Passing) – Tied to Assists per 20 mins + Shots taken per 20 mins (less shots mean a higher rerate). It is dependent on a how well a player does - If a player is in the top third for both they get the Max rerate of potential. Bottom third gets the Min rerate of there Potential.

SC (Scoring) – Tied to Goals per 20 mins + Shots Taken per 20 mins (more shorts mean a higher rerate). It is dependent on a how well a player does - If a player is in the top third for both they get the Max rerate of potential. Bottom third gets the Min rerate of there Potential.

DF (Defence) – Tied to Takeaways divided by Giveaways AND Shots blocked per 20 mins. It is dependent on a how well a player does - If a player is in the top third for both they get the Max rerate of potential. Bottom third gets the Min rerate of there Potential.

PS (Penalty Shot) -Formula - SC + PH divide by 2

LD (Leadership) -Will go up or down by -1 to +1.

PO (Potential) - Will go down between -3 to -5.

For Goalies:

Every stat is randomized between there Max PO and Min PO. (IE if player has a 28 potential, a random value between -4 and -2 will be chosen)

For Both:

EX is dependent on games played, each game counts as follows:





Farm Playoffs


Pro Reg




One final note - A player’s max in any stat category is 100.

7. Retirement:

The following are the odds of a player retiring are assigned by a Players Potential (PO), not there age.


Chance of Retiring









8a. Salary Cap:

This is a hard floor and cap and must not be exceeded. Teams can exceed the salary cap during the summer but must be compliant by Day 1 of the NAHA season.

The NAHA Salary Cap will be $75 Million and the Salary Floor will be set at $30 Million. A Player’s contract cannot exceed 5 years in length and/or 20%($15 Million) of the total salary cap. The minimum salary for a player to make is $150,000 per year

8b. Salary Cap Penalties

All GM’s are required to stay within the parameters set for the salary cap with an exception occurring in Free Agency (see section 13[insert link]). Should a team fall under the floor or over the cap, the commissioner reserves the right to make roster modifications to that team to ensure they meet the floor requirements. Roster modifications may include moving players from the farm team to the pro-team and vice-versa or signing players from the UFA list. This may move players onto the waiver list for other teams to claim. If a team is unable to comply with the Cap and has received multiple warnings, the Commissioner will be obligated to penalize said team which may or may not be limited to such things as players placed on waivers, fining of draft picks and suspensions among others.

8c. Maximum Salary on Farm

Maximum salary is 1,000,000 on the Farm. Any players above this will be prevented from playing on the Farm.

8d. Buyouts & Waivers

To buy out a player you must pay 100% of their contract left. if a player has 4 years and 10 million left you are to pay 40 million).

Before you buy-out your player, you must place them on Waivers for any team to claim. If the player clears waivers you can either buy them out or rescind the decision to buy out the player. Please post this in the Waivers [link] section of the Forum.

9. Player Suspensions:

A player can be suspended by the league for in game infractions. For infractions resulting in the injury of another player, or the misconduct of said player, table B1 will be used in deciding the suspension for the player. If you notice a player committed a act please post a topic in the Suspensions section of the Forum [link]. The player will be suspended immediately, and the GM of the team should submit new lines with the suspended player scratched


Table B1:


Head Butting - 2 Games

20 PIM in One Game- 3 Games

Spearing - 4 Games

Butt Ending - 4 Games

Kicking - 5 Games

Abuse of Officials- 5 Games

Attempt to Injure - 5 Games

Injury to Players:

Day to Day 3 Games

1 Week 5 Games

3 Weeks - 13 Games

5 Weeks - 15 Games

3 Months - 30 Games

Indef. - Rest of Season + Playoffs, can be extended into the next season if the injury occurs

within 15 games of the end of the season or in the playoffs.

10. Coaches:

Coaches may be fired at any time. Once a coach is fired, a team must hire a coach immediately. Any coach on the Available Coaches List who is not signed by another team maybe hired. Teams can sign other teams’ farm coaches for only their pro team, and if this does occur, the farm team will need to immediately fill the coaching vacancy. To make a coaching change, please post in Coach Change form.

Coaches are on contracts. The GM’s have a choice to either retain the coach (length will be randomized between 3 to 5 years) or sign a new one using the same rules as above.

11. Regular Season and Playoffs

The NAHA calendar consists of a 64-game regular season completed in 32 days and a three-round playoff featuring the top 3 in each division. The first series will be 5 games, the latter 2 will be 7 games. Playoffs will be done live on discord in 1 day.

12a. Trading

Trades must be announced and confirmed on the NAHA forum titled “Trades”. Rosters will be updated during the season twice a day when the commissioner uploads the next set of games. In the off-season, the rosters will be updated periodically at the commissioner's discretion. All trades can be subjected to review by the BOD.

The trade deadline will be set around the 80% mark of the regular season and the date will be announced each year by the commissioner.

12b. Tradable Assets

All roster players, and prospects are eligible to be traded. Draft Picks can only be traded if they are in the next two draft years. For example, if 2 then only picks from the season 2 to 4 drafts can be traded. There is no limit on how many picks a team may have in a draft year.

Future considerations or conditional draft picks are allowed in this league. The conditions must be clearly established in the trade and can only contain traceable assets at that time (cannot add draft picks past the next two drafts). All assets being moved at the time of the trade announcement are the only assets moved in the transaction.

Salary retention is not allowed in this league. If a player is traded, his entire remaining salary goes with him.

13a. Free Agency

Free Agency occurs at the end of the playoffs and will run for 10 days.

13b. Restricted Free Agents and Qualifying Offers

An RFA is a player that is 26 years or younger. that free agency year that is having his current contract expire. The RFA portion will open the day after the playoff ends. RFA demands will be posted in the league form titled “Qualifying Offers form”. Qualifying offers will use a blend of the player ratings, age. Teams must respond with 110 hours (5 days) All contract offers are for4 years.

13c. RFA Offer Sheets

If an offer sheet is submitted it must be more then the total contract value of the qualifying offer. The team qualifying him has 48 hours to match the offer. If the offersheet is matched, then the qualifying team will keep the player. An RFA must be submitted within 72 hours of opening of Free Agency. RFA’s that are being resigned (see below) are not eligible to be signed unless the demand is not accepted. If the offer sheet is not matched, then the offering team will get the player, but will need to provide a certain level of compensation to the qualifying team. That level of compensation is tied to the Salary cap and is currently as New Roman",serif;mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-fareast-language:EN-CA'>


To make an RFA offersheet, a team must have all eligible draft picks for compensation in the upcoming draft. Draft picks used in compensation do not have to be of the team making the offer sheet. All RFA Bids must be made in the league forum titled “Open Market Bids - RFA”

13d. Re-signing Pending Unrestricted & Restricted Free Agents

A UFA is a player that is 27 or more years old that has had a contract expire.

Each team will get an option to resign UFA or RFA. The demand will be based off a blend of comparable salaries, player ratings, their age. The contract length will be for 3 years. To resign a player post in the Qualifying Offers forum on Day 1 of Free Agency. You will have 24 hours to make the offer. The commissioner will reply with the demand. You will have 48 hours to confirm or decline the offer. Declining the offer will either cause the RFA to revert to there qualifying offer or the UFA to hit the open market.

13e. UFA Open Market

Once the UFA/RFA Re-sign stage has been completed, the commissioner will announce the UFA Open Market details. All UFA’s, unqualified RFA’s and Qualified RFA’s that are left unsigned will be a part of the UFA Open Market. Apart from Qualified RFA’s (See 15e. RFA Offer Sheets), all other players in the UFA Open Market can be signed by any team without compensation to the former team.

UFA’s will be bid on a in auction style. Bids most be posted in the Open Market Bids - UFA board on the forum. If there are no bids - start a new topic. Future bids for that player will be made in that same topic. Bids must start at a minimum of 500,000 and the minimum increments are 100,000. A player is considered signed when no offers are submitted for 24 hours.

A team will be allowed to exceed the cap by 10% during this period, be compliant by the start of the exhibition schedule.

14. Prospect Creation

Prospects will be created randomly and will be published mid-season. Once a player is drafted, they will be put onto that team’s farm team.

All players will be signed to a standard three-year contract with the salary based upon the round they were drafted into the NAHA. The salaries per round are:

1st Round - 850,000

2nd Round - 500,000

3rd Round - 250,000

15a. NAHA Entry draft

The NAHA Entry Draft will occur after the conclusion of the playoffs. The commissioner will announce the draft and will try to select a date that works for most GM’s so they can attend. The Draft will be held on Discord. All players will be 20 years old. The entry draft will be a full 3 draftedlive on Discord.

If a GM cannot make it to a draft, then it is their responsibility to to send in a draft list to either the Commissioner or have someone draft for them. If a GM does not make these arrangements, then they will receive the best player available based upon the NHL draft when their picks come up in the NAHA draft.

15b. Draft Order

The selection order in the NAHA Entry Draft is determined by a combination of lottery, regular season standing. While teams are permitted to trade draft picks both during the draft and prior to it (sometimes several seasons prior), in all cases, the selection order of the draft picks is based on the original holder of the pick ,not a team which may have acquired the pick via a trade or other means. The order of picks discussed always references the original team.

The basic order of the NAHA Entry Draft is determined based on the standings of the teams in the previous season. Subject to the results of the league Draft Lottery (which applies to the first overall pick only), the teams pick in the same order each round, with each team getting one pick per round. The basic order of the picks is determined as follows:

15c. Draft Lottery

The draft lottery will be held once the playoffs are over and will be announced by the Commissioner and will determine the first overall pick only. Odds are as followed:















16. NAHA Awards

At the end of each league season, individual awards will be handed out. The NAHA awards voting will be sent by the commissioner after the conclusion of the playoffs. Three candidates for each award will be posted by the will be voted on by all general managers.

17a. Finances

If a team in need of financial help, the league will loan them the money. All loans issued are at 5% interest, compounded at the end of the season (or 0% at Commissioner), and must be fully paid off in 5 seasons. If you do not pay off the loan in time, the league will sell off players of that team until it gets the amount owed, or the team can declare bankruptcy.

17b. Team Relocation

Relocation of a franchise is currently banned. This issue will be revisited in the future.

17c. Arena Costs

A new arena will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. All new arena's come with a year lease, with break terms of # of seasons left times $5,000,000. Teams have three option to pay the costs of an arena:

a) A team can choose to pay 33% of the arena cost upfront, with the rest being split by state/province and the city. As a fee, the city and state/province will collect 25% of your total revenue.

b) A team can choose to pay 50% of the arena cost upfront, with the rest being split by state/province and the city. As a fee, the city and state/province will collect 10% of your total revenue.

c) A team can choose to pay 100% of the arena cost. A minimum of 50% must be paid up front, with the rest being paid via a 10 year bond. The interest rate on the bond will vary from 1 to 2%, depending how profitable your team is. If the team has lost money for the last 5 seasons, they will not be able to issue a bond unless they are relocating. This option removes the lease

17d. Season Tickets

Season Tickets will be based on a variety of factors. Every season ticket has a default and modifiers as follows:

Default: 35%

Default Farm: 20%

Modifiers are split into 3

a.Permanent unless a team relocates (it resets to 35%)

.0001% of Your City Population rounded to your nearest full number.

5% Bonus if your city is a great sports city (decided a by us newspaper article)

5 to -10% Bonus depending on the climate of your city.

+5% for each 10 seasons in one city

1% for 3 Consecutive Winning Seasons

-1% for 3 Consecutive Losing Seasons

1% for Making the Playoffs

-1% for Missing the Playoffs

b.Temporary - Non-Accumulating

+6% for 1 season if you win the championship.

+4% for 1 season - if you are runner-up.

+2% for 1 season - if you win your division.

+1% for 1 season if you win the Lottery

-2% for 1 season if you finish Last Place Overall.

Temporary - Non-Accumulating with costs:

+10% for 1 season - relocation. See Relocation for more details

+6% for 1 season - changing team logo and name. +10m fee.

+3% for 1 season - changing team logo. +5m fee.


Season tickets will account for max of 70% of ticket sales. If you go over 70%, a waiting list will start.

17e. TV Contracts

The league will use TV Contracts to further enrichen teams. They work as follows:

a.National TV contracts are split among the Canadian and American teams. They are based on combined state population for the USA, and the combined province population for Canada. For each contract – a dollar value is assigned:

Canada: [insert]

USA: [insert]

These values will be revisited every 5 seasons.

.Regional TV Contracts: This depends on your state or province population and how much they like hockey. If there are multiple teams in the same state or they will split the contract.

$1 dollar for every person that lives in the State or Province.

-75% for warm climate cities

+100% for Canadian Provinces.

Length of a Regional TV contract is 4 years. you win a championship you can extend your next contract by 1 year.

There are also Temporary bonuses. They accumulate for 4 or more seasons depending on if you win a championship (as described above) and will be applied to your next TV Contract. They are as follows

Positive Bonuses:

Championship Win - 500,000

Conference Championship - 250,000

Made Playoffs - 125,000

Lottery Win - 100,000

Negative Bonuses:

Losing Season: -125,000

Last Place: -100,000

Last Place Overall: -125,000